Know About The Best Tourist Places In Gujarat

There are a number of best tourist destinations in Gujarat that you will prefer to visit during your holidays. You will find one of the world’s largest white deserts, India’s longest coastline, first marine national park and country’s largest habitat of Asiatic Lions in Gujarat India. According to the researchers, there are so many things to see in Gujarat for which even one month holidays from office will not be enough for you. Gujarat will make you plan your trips again and again to explore different things and places situated in Gujarat. In case you are confused regarding the places to visit in Gujarat India then the following information will help you find out the top 5 places that you can visit in Gujarat.

The Best Tourist Places In Gujarat


Know About The Best Tourist Places In Gujarat

The best holiday destinations in Gujarat include Patan where the Rani Ki Vav is located and as the name suggests, the step well was built by the Rani (queen) of Bhimdeva, Udayamanti. It was constructed in the 11th Century in order to preserve groundwater. The Rani Ki Vav came into limelight in the year 1972 when the area was fully earthed. As interesting as it sounds, it is a beautifully built place which holds a great importance and a positive message to save water. The best part of this step well is the walls as the walls are ornamented with the images of various Gods and Goddesses.

Wildlife lovers and other tourists must visit the Gir National Park as you will get a chance to see the Asiatic Lions and other ferocious Asiatic animals. Gir National Park is the sparkling diamond in the jewels of Gujarat. Along with the Lions, you will get a chance to see 448 flowering plants, 96 trees, 29 species of reptiles, 33 species of mammals and 93 species of invertebrates.


Know About The Best Tourist Places In Gujarat

The white desert is something that you would not miss to watch. The beauty of this white desert is a must watch. The Great Rann of Kutch is the world’s largest white salt desert which is spread over an area of around 7505 square kilometers in the Western fringes of Gujarat. During the day this desert shines like a diamond under the sun and during the night hours, it is just majestically. During your visit to the white desert, do not forget to enjoy the camel safari. Along with this beautiful desert, you can also visit Bachuchara temple, Narayan Sarovar and Koteshwar temple.

Another best tourist places in Gujrat is the Sabarmati Ashram, originally known as the Satyagraha Ashram. This is Mahatma Gandhi’s second ashram where a significant number of freedom movements were planned between the year from1917 to 1930. The Swadeshi movement was planned here by Mahatma Gandhi and he trained activists to join his planned movements in order to free India from the rule or British people. You will also find beautiful heritage hotels in Gujarat to have a luxurious stay and make beautiful memories.

In case you are thinking that Gujarat is all about forts, temples, palaces, and jungles, then you must think again as Saputara is a hill station located in Gujarat. You will find this beautiful hill station tucked in the Sahyadri hills amidst the dang forest. You will get a pleasant atmosphere in Saputara along with friendly people to talk with during your visit. You will get a chance to see the Honey Bee center, Step garden, Lake Garden, Rose garden, Gira waterfalls, Gandhi Sikhar, Mahal Forest and Sunrise point at Saputara. Indeed it is a highly recommended place for all to visit.

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